#3 Pick with 52 out of a possible 100 Points
 Gout Clear 52/100

Gout Clear received 5 points for being on the market for 3 years.  Gout Clear comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and gets 4 points in this category.  Based on 1 bottle pricing gout clear costs about $2.23 per day.  This is in the middle of the products reviewed and Gout Clear gets 7 points for this category.  Gout clear has 1 of the 3 (turmeric but not celery seed or banaba leaf)  and gets 3 points for this category.  Based on the ingredients listed on the product label it does contain pain relieving ingredients but not uric acid lowering ingredients so Gout Clear gets 5 points for this category.  According to the Manfacturer's website Gout Clear is manufactured in an FDA registered facility but it is not inspected buy the FDA. This does meet cGMP standards and Gout Clear gets 7 points for this category.  In the verified reviews category Gout Clear has 102 reviews on amazon but only 60% of those are verified so thats about 60 verified reviews which is less than we would like to see but still enough to get an idea of what actual users thought of the product.  With an average of 3.5 stars Gout clear gets 6 points for this category.  Gout Clear does list a contact phone number on their website so gout clear gets 10 points for this category.  The manufactures website does not state wither or not they are available 24/7.  Gout clear gets 5 points in this category.  After reviewing the label we found gout clear to be in violation of FDA labeling Guidelines.  They have the word gout on their label in several places and the FDA considers this to be an unapproved drug. Gout Clear receives 0 points in this category.

Overall Gout Clear received 52 out of a possible 100 points.  Gout Clear may not be the best choice. The main areas of concern are not complying with FDA labeling guidelines and not addressing lowering uric acid levels in the formula.

Gout Supplement Comparison Chart
Gout Clear
Gout Relief
Overall Score /100

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